Andy Farrell June 18, 2012 Announcements

Did you know you can format your reports on a per column basis?

Right-click on the column name and select the Format menu option. Depending on the data type, you can choose different date or number formatting,text style, align left/right, add a text or background colour, set the column width or maximum characters.

Andy Farrell June 9, 2009 Announcements

To help responses to tickets based on their urgency, can you please reserve:-

CRITICAL – for issues which are causing an error on the website that is completely stopping people from achieving a particular outcome and for which there is no work-around; these issues will receive IMMEDIATE ACTION

HIGH – issues which are urgent, but not critical – these issues will receive PRIORITY ACTION (2-3 days)

NORMAL – issues which need to be rectified, but are neither urgent or critical. These items will be scheduled around our existing planned work. Typical turn-around of 1-2 weeks.

LOW – issues which are of low importance and no urgency.

Andy Farrell June 13, 2008 Announcements

We've upgraded our help desk system and we invite you to take advantage of this new system for better tracking and response management to your change requests and non-urgent issues.

If you have an urgent problem needing immediate resolution, please feel free to call the office directly - or after hours mobile 0428 244 656.